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Lane's Specialized Tire & Wheel Kit Item K-1007

Lane's Specialized Tire & Wheel Kit Item K-1007

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Introducing Lane's Specialized Tire & Wheel Kit Item K-1007 - the ultimate car care kit for keeping your tires and wheels looking their best! This kit starts with Lane's Black & White Tire Cleaner, an ultra-concentrated bleach cleaner that attacks dirt and grime on the tire. Next use their Super Blue Tire Gloss to give your tire a durable shine like no other. Follow up by applying their Safe Wheel formula, specially designed to protect your wheel against damage from road debris or any hazardous situations. Finally, this amazing car care set also includes New Aluminum Wheel cleaner formulated specifically for cleaning aluminum rims - guaranteed to restore them back to pristine condition quickly and easily! Get yours today!

Instructions for Lane's Specialized Tire & Wheel Kit:

Use Lane's Safe Wheel chrome wheel cleaner to clean chrome, polished, painted, and powder coated wheels.

Use Lane's New Aluminum wheel cleaner for aluminum wheels.

Use Lane's Black & White Tire Cleaner to completely remove all dirt and grime from your tires. 

Use Lane's Super Blue Tire Shine to dress your tires after cleaning and drying. 

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