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Lane's Leather Care Kit K-1009

Lane's Leather Care Kit K-1009

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Leather Care Kit includes:

  • Leather Scent
  • Leather Cleaner
  • Liquid Leather Conditioner

Keep your leather car interior looking and feeling like new with Lane's Car Leather Cleaning Kit K-1009! This easy to use kit comes with everything you need to clean, restore, and protect all types of upholstery and trim. Begin by using the included bottle of Lane’s Leather Cleaner – an advanced formula designed to lift out dirt, oil, grime without hard scrubbing while gently exfoliating the fibers. Next, apply a generous amount of Foam Conditioner & Protector that penetrates deeply into the pores for long lasting protection against cracking or fading. To finish off your detailing job, spray some of Lane’s Leather Scent under the driver and passenger seats – instantly restoring the natural scent of leather! Finally polish off any smudges or blemishes using a microfiber cloth included in this set. Experience showroom fresh results with no harsh chemicals and minimal effort - try Lane's Leather Care Kit today! 

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