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Lane's Car Products

Lane's Car Products Ultra Shine

Lane's Car Products Ultra Shine

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Keep your car looking like new with Lane’s Car Products Ultra Shine! This 12 oz can of premium detailing spray is specifically designed to bring back a shiny, like-new finish on dull or faded rubber, vinyl, paint, chrome and other surfaces – perfect for interior auto detailing. It goes above and beyond ordinary shine products by providing an amazing level of color restorer as well. If you want your car to look its best all the time then Lane's Car Products Ultra Shine is the product for you - order yours today!

  • Shines Rubber, Vinyl, Chrome and Plastic
  • Helps To Restore Color
  • A Favorite Among All True Professionals
  • Works Quickly and Efficiently
  • Multiple Use Product
  • Aerosol 12oz

Directions: Shake can well before using, and hold 10 to 12 inches from surface to be sprayed when applying. This thin mist coating is easy to apply and ensures you get great results every time! For those extra smooth or painted surfaces, a light buffing may produce a more desirable shine that will turn heads wherever you go! So don't wait any longer – use Lane's Car Products Ultra Shine and make sure your ride looks its best at all times!

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