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Lane's Car Products

Lane's Car Products Pina Colada Car Scent

Lane's Car Products Pina Colada Car Scent

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Experience a summer getaway with Lanes Car Products Pina Colada Car Scent! Our alluring fragrance will make your car drives something special, filling the air with a fresh and invigorating scent of pineapples and coconut. Enjoy Jamaican aromas in every journey, allowing you to escape everyday life while creating an inviting atmosphere 60 seconds after spraying - no need to wait for hours! With this luxurious scents been scientifically tested for car use, it is sure to bring more joy into your daily rides. Get ready as soon as you open the cap and be transported on an amazing summer holiday adventure – shop now!

  • Pina colada car scent
  • Capture the fresh smell of pina colada with one application
  • Safe for cars, trucks and SUVs interiors
  • Water base scent
  • Long lasting - pina colada smell
  • Made in USA
  • Lane's Pina Colada Car Scent includes a sprayer for easy even application
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