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Lane's Car Products

Lane's Car Products Liquid Leather Conditioner

Lane's Car Products Liquid Leather Conditioner

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Get the royal treatment for your car with Lane's Car Products Liquid Leather Conditioner! With just one easy application, you can preserve the luxurious feel of your car's leather upholstery and protect it from UV rays, cracking, fading and aging. Our unique formula is designed to give you superior protection that outlasts any other product on the market! It will leave your seats feeling softer than ever before - so don't wait until damage strikes - treat yourself to a top-notch leather conditioner today.

  • Auto Liquid leather conditioner 
  • Restores softens leather and revives flexibility
  • Provides UV protection prevents leather cracking, fading, and aging
  • Rejuvenates the leather smell in leather seats
  • Lane's liquid Leather Conditioner includes a flip top lid for easy even application
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