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Lane's Car Products

Lane's Car Products Grape Wash and Wax Soap

Lane's Car Products Grape Wash and Wax Soap

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For an undoubtedly satisfying car wash experience, your search ends with Lane's Grape Wash & Wax Soap! This remarkable product yields exceptional outcomes, particularly under the scorching sun. It's a favorite choice among mobile detailers nationwide, and for good reason. A harmonious fusion of concentrated soap, ample wax content, and a delightful aroma, it creates an impressive foam that effortlessly lifts dirt without requiring vigorous scrubbing. Say farewell to unsightly streaks and stubborn water spots, as Lane's Grape Wash & Wax Soap ensures they stay out of sight! If you hold your car dear, this is the ultimate pick for you. Your vehicle will shower you with gratitude, sporting a dazzling gleam every time you employ Lane's Grape Wash & Wax Soap. Worries about scratches or swirls are a thing of the past, as this high-foaming lubricant soap tenderly tends to your car's needs. Go on, treat yourself to some Lane's Grape Wash & Wax Soap, and proudly flaunt those brilliantly polished wheels!

Professional grade for auto detailers and dealers

  • Grape Wash & Wax Soap
  • Safe for all cars, trucks & SUVs
  • Pleasant grape smell
  • Concentrated soap wax formula
  • Does not strip existing waxes and sealants
  • Used by auto detailers and car dealerships
  • Lane's Grape Wash & Wax includes flip top lid for easy even application
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