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Lane's Car Products

Lane's Car Products Cinnamon Car Scent

Lane's Car Products Cinnamon Car Scent

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Make your car feel like home with Lane's Car Products Cinnamon Air Freshener! Our unique blend of cinnamon will fill the interior of your vehicle and give you an atmosphere that lasts for weeks. Enjoy a cozy, subtle scent of freshness any time you get in, adding just the right touch to your cleaned car. With such a pleasant aroma coming from inside as soon as start up, there is no doubt this air freshener can make even the most ordinary moments extraordinary - regardless if it's taking kids back to school or running errands around town! Experience one-of-a-kind fragrance today with Lane's Car Product Cinnamon Air Freshener! 

Comes with a sprayer for easy and even application

  • Cinnamon Car Air Freshener
  • Fresh spicy cinnamon scent
  • Eliminates bad odors with one application
  • Safe for all cars, truck and SUV's interiors
  • Water base scent
  • Made in USA
  • Lane's Cinnamon Car Scent includes sprayer for easy even application
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