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Lane's Car Products

Lane's Car Products Carpet Stain Spot Remover

Lane's Car Products Carpet Stain Spot Remover

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Keep your carpet looking like new with Lane's Car Products Carpet Stain Spot Remover! This fast-acting spot cleaner is packed with powerful surfactants and wetting agents that quickly remove almost any stain from dirt, coffee, grease, cola, wine, ink lipstick, blood and urine. The forceful spray makes sure it penetrates deep for an effective cleanse while the non-foaming formula ensures no residue is left behind. Try out this revolutionary product today to keep your carpets looking fresh and avoid costly professional carpet cleaning fees!

  • Removes blood, coffee, dirt, wine, ink and much more
  • Quickly Penetrates for fast removal
  • Non-foaming
  • very concentrated
  • Aerosol spray 18oz
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