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Lane's Carnauba Wax Kit Item K-1005

Lane's Carnauba Wax Kit Item K-1005

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Get ready to make your car shine with Lane's Carnauba Wax Kit Item K-1005. This great package starts off with Lane's Nana Wax, which is perfect for all finishes and will clean and polish the paint, while bringing out a brilliant shine! Next try our Carnauba Supreme, then Gold Edition before finishing up with Show Room Shine - rated number one amongst professional detailers. With this kit you can give your car that showroom quality finish from home without spending too much time or money! Get yours today for unbeatable value and satisfaction guaranteed!

Lane's Carnauba Wax Kit Includes:

  • Show Room Shine
  • Carnauba Wax
  • Nana Wax
  • Gold Edition Wax
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